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   Monday, October 23rd   
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            PARKS & BEACHES & ZOOS          RELOCATION
Parks & Beaches & Zoos

The Waikiki Aquarium focuses on Hawaiian and Pacific sea life, with exotic samples and active exhibits. The Honolulu Zoo includes animals on wildlife from around the world, especially ones well adapted to the local climate.

There are several botanical gardens in the Honolulu area, including the Lyon Arboretum, on the upper slopes of the inner island, with extensive native Hawaiian collections, the Foster Botanical Garden, a city garden focused on smaller plants, especially orchids and various specialty collections, the Lili'uokalani Botanical Garden, once the gardens of Hawaii's queen, and the Walker Estate, famous for its orchid gardens and Japanese garden.

The Dole Plantation Maze is only a few minutes north, and features a large garden maze, with holiday themed events.

The Wahiawa Botanical Garden, in Wahiawa, features Hawaiian native plants in their natural if cultivated setting, in the middle of a park in the city.

Kukaniloko Birth Site/Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument: This is an important place in ancient Hawaiian native culture, legendarily the birthplace of important Hawaiian chiefs, at a major crossroads of the main trails. It may have also been an observatory, depending on the expert you believe. Kukaniloko is just north of Wahiawa, right off of 80, near the intersection of 80 and 804.

The Wai'anae Range is the range you see looking west - it is the largest mountain range on the island, and home of the highest peak Ka'ala. It's actually not a mountain range at all, but the remains of a huge volcano, one of the volcanoes that built O'ahu millions of years ago. The other volcano, Ko'olau, is miles away to the southeast.

The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument is a collection of Federally protected land, preserving most of the leeward islands and their wildlife, the smaller islands to the northwest of the main eight Hawaiian Islands.
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